Oh the Places We’ll Go: Metz, France

Traveling through Metz, France, with kids!Sunday was our sixth anniversary, so we decided to celebrate and get out of the house country for a bit! This was our first trip outside of Germany since arriving here in May, and we were a bit nervous at first, but ended up having an awesome time! There are a few differences you notice upon crossing the boarder, the signs automatically switch to French, the stop lights are plus signs instead of circles, and toll roads are everywhere! A few miles past the boarder we encountered our first toll, which added an extra €10 on to our trip that we weren’t expecting, but hey, we got to visit France! Continue reading


Oh the Places We’ll Go: Gräfenstein Castle Medieval Festival

The mornings are quite cool now, the heat of a few weeks ago quickly dissipated and the country has firmly rooted itself in the fall season. It was such a short summer, full of unpacking and resettling there was so much more I had planned to do. Next year I suppose we’ll get around to picking those strawberries and running through those fields of canola oil flowers that adorn the hilly countryside.

Now it is time to make the most of fall, our first change of seasons in three years, I can hardly believe it’s here! In my excitement, I even found the motivation to winterize our closets this morning. Out with the shorts and tanks, in with the sweaters and scarves and the beautiful layers! This weekend we had our first chance to sport our warmer attire at a medieval festival around Gräfenstein Castle.

Jon and I are total nerds for these sorts of things, we’re planning on making our own head to toe renaissance outfits for the next one, time (and sewing skill) was just not on our side for this one. So here we are hiking through the forest, up a mountain to the historic castle on the hill.

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval Festival Continue reading

Oh the Places We’ll Go: Frankfurt

Babes in Deutschland, Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, GermanyI nominate that every weekend should be a four day weekend, because we are surely enjoying having Jon home and all of the traveling we’re able to do! This weekend we went to Frankfurt which is about two hours away from us. It’s a much larger, more modern city with giant skyscrapers and a futuristic Hilton, like seriously this thing looks like it just flew off the set of Battlestar Galactica. We need to stay there. Continue reading

Gray’s Felt Book

Such a darling quiet book, so many great ideas here!Well, it turns out that we’re not the best travel planners… The USO trip that we had been planning to take this weekend is sold out. Bummer. But, while we may be poor planners this week, we’re instead choosing to be spontaneous! The location is still TBD, but we’ll be driving and shopping and eating out, and that means we’ll still need plenty of tricks to entertain the kids! Continue reading