Christmas Markets: Heidelberg & Burg Lichtenburg

A tour of the German Christmas markets!It’s hard to believe the first candle on that advent calendar is lit! Despite the fact that we had a four day weekend, it whizzed by at unprecedented speeds, my head is still spinning! We celebrated Thanksgiving with two other couples who moved from Hawaii with us. I’m so glad we were all stationed together again, especially every time a holiday rolls around and I start missing family (even more than usual, that is). Our potluck meal was amazing, and so was the epic game of Scattergories that followed! Friday we trimmed our tree and then Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Christmas markets in Heidelberg and Burg Lichtenburg (that’s a lot of burgs)! Continue reading


Oh the Places We’ll Go: Heidelberg

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. We has so many adventures! After the kids’ less than stellar behavior in Trier we revised our travel strategy and set out for Heidelberg early Saturday morning. A & G are usually more “go with the flow” in the morning, and they proved that true once again. We hooked them up with some travel technology (the busy bags remain scattered all over the car from our last trip…) and set off on the hour and a half drive.

Babes in Deutschland, Tips for touring Heidelberg, Germany with kids Continue reading