So Long ‘Merica

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Babes in Deutschland

My Lindsey, from three years ago when she lived in Hawaii. This was our first day on the island with our beautiful three week old!

Life has been crazy, crazy, crazy lately. Hence the lack of spiffy updates around here… We leave tomorrow morning for Denver to spend two days with Lindsey, my best friend from high school, and my second cousins Dave & Sue who live in Greeley. Should be a fun time, but right now I’m bogged down in packing and travel details while simultaneously trying to spend every moment of free time with family before I leave for the next year. I’m exhausted! Continue reading

DMV Debacle

One of the great things about being a military spouse, is that it forces you to be on top of things like keeping track of and renewing important documents. Because we are headed overseas, I need to have a drivers license that will be valid for as long as possible. For military members in Germany, you are required to have a current US license in order to even procure a German one. So, I decided to be proactive and go in and renew mine while I was home visiting… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dearest

Babes in DeutschlandA letter arrived from great grandma and grandpa this week, my precious baby of only 35.9 months is about to have a birthday. For some reason I prefer to count her age in months, she can’t be getting too grown up if I do, afterall that’s how babies ages are measured. Packaged beneath a few bright stickers and a scrawling script is a birthday card with a gigantic, leopard print 3 on it. Continue reading



Three words to describe me: creative, organized and stressed.

Three words to describe the person I want to be: creative, peaceful and holy. Continue reading