Oh the Places We’ll Go: Metz, France

Traveling through Metz, France, with kids!Sunday was our sixth anniversary, so we decided to celebrate and get out of the house country for a bit! This was our first trip outside of Germany since arriving here in May, and we were a bit nervous at first, but ended up having an awesome time! There are a few differences you notice upon crossing the boarder, the signs automatically switch to French, the stop lights are plus signs instead of circles, and toll roads are everywhere! A few miles past the boarder we encountered our first toll, which added an extra €10 on to our trip that we weren’t expecting, but hey, we got to visit France! Continue reading


St. Nicholas Day

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day, an alternative to SantaThis post contains affiliate links, thanks for the support!

One of my favorite things about living in a foreign country is really getting to know the people, food and culture of our host nation. And, let me tell you, the German culture is most vibrant at Christmas time! Markets pop up in every village square, delicious food trucks and homemade gifts abound here in an area where the roots of our modern day Christmas began.  Continue reading

Christmas Markets: Heidelberg & Burg Lichtenburg

A tour of the German Christmas markets!It’s hard to believe the first candle on that advent calendar is lit! Despite the fact that we had a four day weekend, it whizzed by at unprecedented speeds, my head is still spinning! We celebrated Thanksgiving with two other couples who moved from Hawaii with us. I’m so glad we were all stationed together again, especially every time a holiday rolls around and I start missing family (even more than usual, that is). Our potluck meal was amazing, and so was the epic game of Scattergories that followed! Friday we trimmed our tree and then Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Christmas markets in Heidelberg and Burg Lichtenburg (that’s a lot of burgs)! Continue reading

Oh the Places We’ll Go: Mannheim

Babes in DeutschlandFriday, we spent the day in Mannheim at Luisenpark. It was completely gorgeous. A bit chilly, and some of the attractions were closed down, but the park is just beautiful in the fall. Much like the gartenschau in Kaiserslautern (the dino park with the huge playgrounds), Luisenpark is a large (several miles long) park complete with walking paths, playgrounds, boat rides, mini-golf, a small zoo, and lots of nature! We will definitely be going back again in the spring to do some of the stuff that was closed for the season! Continue reading

Oh the Places We’ll Go: Kaiserslautern Fair

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandMoody skies, twinkling lights, and the company of my little family made our weekday trip to the Kaiserslautern fair a charming experience. Jon and I haven’t been to a fair in years, the kids had never been at all, so we decided to remedy this childhood injustice and take them to their first! I love showing them new things, the wonder and awe of the lights, sounds, and smells! Both kids probably have whiplash from yanking their heads around, side to side, up and down, trying to take it all in! Continue reading

Oh the Places We’ll Go: Mainz

Babes in DeutschlandI’m convinced that fall is prettiest in Germany. Roads wind around great hills covered in deciduous trees in the prime of their seasonal display, and the sky has a magical quality to it each time the sun rises and sets. Sunday, we were blessed to take in all of the autumnal delights with our friends John and Judi in Mainz. Continue reading

Ramstein Farmer’s Market

Babes in DeutschlandSunday afternoon we ventured out to the farmer’s market that was set up near base. After much hassle trying to find a legal parking space anywhere within a mile of the event, we finally arrived at one of the biggest markets I had ever been to. Several streets were cordoned off to accommodate the throngs of people milling between the food, alcohol, and goods vendors. Oh, and let’s not forget this guy, he drew quite a crowd! Continue reading

Oh the Places We’ll Go: Cologne (Köln)

Babes in DeutschlandSaturday morning we rose before the sun in order to get ready for our longest road trip yet. Being the planner that I am, I had everything laid out the night before, including dry cereal in baggies for the kids and milk already poured in their cups in the fridge! We rushed as quickly as a family of four can to meet our friends, John and Judi, to caravan up to Cologne. Continue reading

Last Weekend: Part 1

Babes in DeutschlandWhat a week! Sorry for the lack of updates, when I started this blog, I made the mistake of uploading high resolution photos. I’ve since learned why that was a rookie mistake as I ran out of space and have been trying to fix the problem. Not the most fun task in the world, that’s for sure, but I digress. Continue reading

Ramstein Welfare Bazaar

Babes in Deutschland, Ramstein Welfare Bazaar“The Ramstein Welfare Bazaar began as a community fundraiser in 1965 and has since grown into not only Ramstein’s favorite annual event, but it has also grown into the world’s largest military bazaar: a four-day multinational extravaganza featuring over 140 vendors and 25 food vendors.

Still a community fundraiser, every penny of the Ramstein Welfare Bazaar’s net proceeds benefits the Kaiserslautern Military Community in the following calendar year.    Beneficiaries of those proceeds include student and spouse scholarship recipients, Boy and Girl Scouts, youth and community programs and more…..all thanks to your generous support. ” –Ramstein Bazaar Continue reading