Ice Cream Dress

Oliver + S, Ice Cream Dress, by Babes in DeutschlandI am really enjoying sewing clothes for Aurora, it’s so relaxing to work on in the evenings after the little ones are in bed. I’m currently in the middle of making them each a matching little Christmas present (to be revealed later!), but for now, I thought I would blog this dress that I made for Rora awhile ago, but is just starting to fit her now. She’s worn it a couple of times and adores the large pockets in front, I always find little treasures hidden in there each time I go to wash it! Continue reading


Puppet Show Dress

Oliver + S, Puppet Show Dress by Babes in DeutschlandThis is another Oliver + S pattern, the Puppet Show Dress this time, I’ve already shared how obsessed I am with this brand, their dresses are just so cute! Especially for the younger years, what little girl wouldn’t love the darling peter pan collar and puffed sleeves! Continue reading

Book Report Dress

Aurora and I are working on a very exciting, Halloween themed, multi-day science project, so while that’s under construction, I thought I would share a few more sewing projects that I made with my mother in law, Anna, over the summer. I am really enjoying sewing kids clothes, not only can they be sentimental and beautiful, but they’re also immensely practical!

I’m sure I’ve already gushed about my love for Oliver + S patterns, they are seriously adorable! Modern sewing with a bit of a vintage feel in many of their styles, they even have patterns for adults! I haven’t taken the dive yet and made anything for myself, it seems much more complicated fitting and adult body… maybe someday I’ll get brave enough.

DSC_8118_edited-1 Continue reading

Explorer Vest

Babes in Deutschland, Explorer VestThis post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting us!

Yesterday I shared the kid’s Halloween costumes, they’re going to be a butterfly and a bug catcher this year! I’m really in love with how they turned out, and so today I wanted to share a little bit more about the making of Gray’s explorer vest.

I’ve sewn quite a few dresses for Aurora, so it was really gratifying to find something to make for Gray. Boys clothing is so much harder to make, I feel, it almost always involves collars and buttons, and those are two of my least favorite things!

Not only will this make a cute costume for him, but I’m sure he and Aurora will wear it for dress up and for going out and about too, all of those pockets are so useful, it will be exciting (and possibly scary) seeing what they decide to put in them! Continue reading

Halloween Costumes

DSC_8022_edited-1This post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting us!

Here they are! I’ve thrown out several hints about what the kids were going to be for Halloween over the past few weeks, but no one guessed quite right. After much deliberation, I give you the explorer and his butterfly!

We had talked about nerding out and doing family fantasy theme costumes, but that just wasn’t going to happen this year, so instead, I scaled back the time investment and the budget and decided to work with what I already had. We had been planning on getting Aurora a set of fabric butterfly wings for Christmas, so I ordered them a little early along with the antenna and completed the outfit with black leggings, shoes and a shirt she already had. Yay for a cute, cheap, reusable costume! Continue reading