December Photo Project

Throughout the month of December, I’ve been working on a photo project. If you follow me on Facebook, then I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few of them throughout the month, but now that it’s over, I thought I would post the whole collection here for your viewing pleasure.

Each year View from the Prairie Box hosts the DPP and invites anyone and everyone to participate. Photography skill and a nice camera are not what’s important here, most of the group is made up of normal people taking pictures of normal December things, and that’s what I love about it! There’s a Facebook page for the group as well, and the community members are so wonderfully encouraging, they make this a tradition I look forward to each year!

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This year’s project is wrapping up, but I highly encourage anyone who’s interested to participate next year! Merry Christmas Everyone, much love from Germany!


Christmas Markets: Nürnberg, Ramstein & Kaiserslautern

A tour of German Christmas Markets!We spent the weekend out at the markets once again, there really is no more exciting and delicious place to be this time of year! I can’t tell you how many different varieties of Nutella covered pastries I’ve eaten lately… no really, I’m ashamed! Early on in the season we visited Heidelberg and Burg Lichtenburg, a week ago it was Kaiserslautern and Ramstein (which I’m just now getting around to sharing), and last weekend we ventured out to Nürnberg, the most famous “christkindlesmarkt” in the world! Continue reading

St. Nicholas Day

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day, an alternative to SantaThis post contains affiliate links, thanks for the support!

One of my favorite things about living in a foreign country is really getting to know the people, food and culture of our host nation. And, let me tell you, the German culture is most vibrant at Christmas time! Markets pop up in every village square, delicious food trucks and homemade gifts abound here in an area where the roots of our modern day Christmas began.  Continue reading


Babes in DeutschlandOverwhelmed once again. We checked one holiday off this week and already my mind is whirling with thoughts of the next. I suppose I should be thankful that I am at least disciplined enough to wait until one is over before beginning to worry about the next. The entire week leading up to Halloween was a downward spiral in terms of being organized and productive. I had lots of fun activities planned to finish up our “glow month.” As you can tell by the lack of posts, that didn’t work out as a certain toddler ran off with our blacklight flashlight, and it was all downhill from there. Continue reading

Fall Blessings

Babes in DeutschlandWe’ve slowly been checking things off of our fall bucket list, we’ve picked apples, traversed a corn maze, and and I’ve sewn the kids Halloween costumes, but there is still so much that I want to take in this autumn! I suppose we’ve also road tripped and baked lots of fall treats, we’ve had potlucks and bonfires and worn layers for the first time in years, but I am just so entranced with all of the German, autumn magic that I just want to do everything at once. I suppose this is what three years in Hawaii will do to you! Continue reading

Life Lately

Babes in DeutschlandOh weekends, how you simultaneously thrill and exhaust me. We decided to stick close to home this weekend since we’ve been out galavanting for the past several. Saturday afternoon we took the kids to an indoor swimming pool where we all had a blast playing in the warm water and trying to forget that it was freezing outside. We’ve been working on various swim skills with the kids and they are showing so much improvement every time we take them to the pool! Aurora is getting a lot more confident putting her face in to the water, and Gray loves to jump and dunk, and swim around in his puddle jumper. The afternoon didn’t end until we were joyfully waterlogged and Grayson had pooped in the pool. Yep, he did that. Continue reading

Last Weekend: Part 2

Last Saturday ended up being wildly busy for us, first we went to the Hitscherhof Farm Festival which you can read about in part 1 of our weekend, and then we celebrated at neighborhood birthday party for our friend Tobias. It has been difficult to meet people in our small German village, but Tobias and his wife Diana have gone above and beyond to help us feel welcome. We’ve been to a few of their infamous backyard cook outs now, and we always enjoy good food and good company, but this night was particularly beautiful as Aurora and I explored their yard and enjoyed the sunset.

Babes in Deutschland Continue reading

Caramel Apples

Just a few frames of our fall spirit. A fire in the hearth, cinnamon wax in the scentsy, peppermint tea in my mug, the children in sweaters, the Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station streaming, and caramel apples chilling in the fridge. Happy Friday everyone!

Babes in Deutschland, Making caramel apples with kids Continue reading

Autumnal Endeavors

Babes in Deutschland, Fall Bucket ListI tried to restrain myself from jumping on the fall bandwagon too early, afterall, the first day of the season isn’t until the 22nd. Alas, my excitement for all things crisp and cozy has won out. In Hawaii, September through November was reserved for “pretend fall.” Every time the weather was the slightest bit overcast I would crank the AC and throw on my knee high boots and a scarf with my tank top… It just wasn’t quite the same, however. Continue reading

Life Lately

Babes in DeutschlandThis week was remarkably better than last, we’ve been getting out more with our new friend Diana who lives in the village, she has three rambunctious boys who jabber back and forth in German and I’m hoping some of it will rub off on Aurora! They are both pros at saying “danke” and “tschuss” when they’re handed little treats at the bakery or butcher shop, I wonder how much more their little sponge brains are storing away. Continue reading