Our New House: Master Bedroom & Hallway

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyWe’ve been in our house for about seven months now, and are just now able to say that we are completely done with all of our projects and unpacking. I’m guessing this probably isn’t an unusual story for most military families, it seems like we get slower about setting up with every move! But, we’re done now, and I’m in love with our master bedroom! Light and airy, the perfect mix of elegance and care free bohemian-ism! Jon thinks it’s a bit girly, but as he’s fond of saying, “happy wife, happy life!” 😉 Continue reading


Roots and Wings

Well that was a nice little weekend… not nearly long enough, but are they ever? We’ve been enjoying being low key, not doing anything too exciting, in the good kind of way! My yoga pants are on, and I can sit and dreamily listen to my music for the first time since the move (I recently got a new computer, all of the music was stored on an external hardrive in our packed household goods… long story short, Pandora was the only option for the past six months)!

I’m currently both looking at and listening to my music since I redid our chalkboard contact paper wall.

Babes in Deutschland, chalkboard contact wall Continue reading

Our New House: Kitchen & Dining Room

Babes in Deutschland, Use chalkboard contact paper instead of paint to transform a space!We finally finished all of the big moving in projects on our to do list! What a load off of my shoulders, I feel like I can finally relax again! We celebrated last Saturday with a housewarming party with both old and new friends. Two families that we knew in Hawaii moved to Germany along with us so it’s been nice to arrive already having a small community. We have also met a few new friends in our village, our landlady and a sweet German couple just up the street. Continue reading

Our New House: The Playroom, part 2

Modern and vintage elements combine in this DIY woodland playroom!Designing spaces, especially kid spaces is a serious hobby of mine, so curating my own kids’ playroom has been a very enjoyable work of love over the past few weeks. I carried over most of the decor we already had going on in our last home but added a few more special touches that I thought they would really enjoy. We’ll hopefully be in this house for at least four years, so I wanted a space for them that would meet the current needs of a 1 and 3 year old, but would also grow with them as they move out of the toddler phase and become more independent. Continue reading

Our New House: The Playroom, part 1

This loft bed has a rock wall, a puppet theater, a ball pit, reading nook, dress up center, swings, a ladder, rings, and of course a bed! ALL IN ONE!I LOVE things that are multifunctional! Using an iron to make grilled cheese, a blow dryer to remove stickers, and the many, many things you can do with a mason jar have lead me to believe that the more functions an object can perform the better! It was with this philosophy in mind that we designed the kids playroom. Continue reading

The Amazing, Transforming Curtains

I mentioned these magic curtains in my post on Grayson’s new bedroom, we’ve moved a LOT these past few years (5 homes in 4 years!) and these curtains have been with us for the past three moves and reused every time. One of the most challenging things with being so transient is having to reuse decor over and over again. All houses are different, what works in one space won’t work in another, but it’s not practical to go out and buy everything new every time either… What’s a gal to do? Continue reading

No Tip Lamp

Glue magnets to a lamp and stick it to a metal surface to prevent kids from knocking it off the table!All parents know that decorating around the necessities of a toddler can be vexing, I myself have lost many a vase/knick knack/lamp to a child’s budding curiosity. So, you would think that by now I would have learned not to put glass objects within Grayson’s reach, but unfortunately pretty glass things just keep calling to me. I love this lamp from Target, and love that we’ve filled it with love notes, but I knew that I had to come up with a way to keep Gray from loving it too much as well! Continue reading

Our New House: Living Room

The thing that really sold us on choosing this house over a couple of other really great places was the history. We loved the idea of living a converted elementary school, we loved the old village feel, and we also loved the great open living space. The main room has an open living and dining room and then a closed off kitchen with bar height walls surrounding it. Any mother would probably agree that this is ideal because it lets you see what your kids are doing in the main room, without them being able to get in to your kitchen! (Our landlord even jerry rigged an ingenious baby gate for the one opening in to the kitchen, but I’ll post on that another time.) Continue reading

Our New House: Grayson’s Room

Babes in Deutschland, a playful circus roomRug: Ikea, Duvet: Boodalee (bought for a steal on Ebay!), Tent: Ikea, Felt ball garland: Etsy, Artwork: Amazon, AmazonAmazon, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Lamp: Ikea, Curtains: Target+ I shortened them and appliquéd the stripes, Bouncy horse: Amazon

Gray’s room received a complete thematic makeover with the move. Before we left Hawaii, I had an epic online yardsale and was able to sell most of his nursery decor and crib, so I had a bit of fun designing the perfect big boy room for him. I wanted it to be something that was young and playful, but that he could also grow in to since we’ll (hopefully) be in this house for four years! Continue reading

Our New House: Art Room

I love to create, and since we have so many extra bedrooms in our rental, I wanted to design a space that both the kids and I could create in together. I think it’s so important for children to be able to explore art and to create without so many rules… but I admit, I’m a bit of a neat freak. So, I wanted a space that would be easy for me to have peace of mind in giving them access to things like paint and glue because the mess is contained and easy to tidy up when they finish.

Babes in Deutschland, Art Room Continue reading