Our New House: Master Bedroom & Hallway

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyWe’ve been in our house for about seven months now, and are just now able to say that we are completely done with all of our projects and unpacking. I’m guessing this probably isn’t an unusual story for most military families, it seems like we get slower about setting up with every move! But, we’re done now, and I’m in love with our master bedroom! Light and airy, the perfect mix of elegance and care free bohemian-ism! Jon thinks it’s a bit girly, but as he’s fond of saying, “happy wife, happy life!” πŸ˜‰

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyDuvet: Urban Outfitters, Art: Katie Daisy, Pendant Light: Ikea, Fur Blanket: Amazon (affiliate link), Hammock: Amazon (affiliate link), Cross Stitch: Threads and Things

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyThis room has been quite the project! The walls were originally pink, so that had to go, I wanted something bold, yet relaxing and I’m really loving this green on the textured walls. The black and white accent wallpaper was already here when we moved in and we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of changing it, so I tried to pick colors that would work around it. I think we pulled off a sort of sophisticated yet easy going design!

Our family cross stitch portrait!The cross stitch family portrait on the nightstand was done by Threads and Things and purchased on Etsy. I adore it, and she was super great to work with, combining several inspiration photos in to the perfect rendition of us!

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyAcross from the bed are two floor to ceiling windows that open completely! When we moved in last summer, it just seemed like the perfect place to put a hammock so we could read, lounge, sleep the day away! The kids are obsessed with it as well, frequently sneaking off to our bedroom to hide and swing! (I’m not sure why there’s a small section of black and white tile in our bedroom… go go German quirks lol.)

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyI like to think of it as my little corner of Hawaii, the glass balls were purchased in Hale’iwa our first year there from a glass blower who’s been in business for 40 years, showing off his craft on the street! The print is another Katie Daisy piece like the ones above the headboard that says “I long for salt air in my hair.” So true, I do, I do.

An elegant, bohemian bedroom in GermanyAlso, check out my lucky bamboo, I’ve kept it alive for six months! A new record!

Dress up old dressers by painting just the drawers!The room is shaped like an L, so we have a sleeping nook and then a dressing area. The dressers were hand me downs from Jon’s parents, and after several moves they were pretty banged up, so we decided to paint the drawers white and breath a bit of new life in to them. That’s also when I decided to paint our night stands white so they would match and there wouldn’t be so many mismatched wood tones in the room!

I’m pretty much in love with our relaxing retreat, I’m still on the hunt for some hammered bronze candle sconces to put on the walls near the bed, I think that would be super romantic, but I’m thrifty and haven’t found what I’m looking for in my price point yet. πŸ˜‰

The other area that we finally got all spiffed up was the hallway which had previously been storing stuff we needed to donate. Now, it’s bright and artistic, the perfect area to welcome guests in to our home or for the kids to sneak off and play!

Display children's artwork on a wire with clips!We picked up a wire wall hanger and Ikea and I thought it would be just the thing to use to display some of the kids’ artwork. Aurora could sit and draw all day, so I have a construction paper stack a mile high and was really excited to find a way to display some of them!

Stained glass in the entrywayI’m obsessed with these windows, I like to come and sit in the kid’s pod swing and just stare at them in the mornings.

The perfect thinking nookThe hook to hang the swing on the ceiling was already here on the landing when we moved in, all I had to do was attach our pod swing and it was good to go! I think the house knew that this would be the perfect place to sit and think and dream a bit. πŸ™‚

That wraps up our house tour, after seven months, I’m glad to have finally dwindled down my to do list so I can start the new year fresh! I can’t wait for all the memories 2014 will bring in our beautiful home! To see the rest of our house reveal, follow these links: the play room, the art room, Aurora’s room, Grayson’s room, the living room, the kitchen/dining room.


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