Christmas Markets: Nürnberg, Ramstein & Kaiserslautern

A tour of German Christmas Markets!We spent the weekend out at the markets once again, there really is no more exciting and delicious place to be this time of year! I can’t tell you how many different varieties of Nutella covered pastries I’ve eaten lately… no really, I’m ashamed! Early on in the season we visited Heidelberg and Burg Lichtenburg, a week ago it was Kaiserslautern and Ramstein (which I’m just now getting around to sharing), and last weekend we ventured out to Nürnberg, the most famous “christkindlesmarkt” in the world!

A tour of German Christmas Markets!This photo is from the Kaiserslautern market, about 40 minutes from our home. It’s a midsize market, and we went during the week so it wasn’t very crowded. All of the shops set up wooden booths and go all out on the decorating! The markets are seriously gorgeous, and there’s no better place to enjoy a cup of glühwein (mulled wine) than than amongst the hustle and bustle of the market!

A tour of German Christmas Markets!The shops themselves sell all manor of Christmas decor, ornaments, toys and food. Sausages and sweets are king!

Nürnberg was definitely the largest market we visited, at three and a half hours from home, it was quite an adventure! Upon arriving, we were instantly caught up in the crowd as we made our way through the maze of stalls. There was so much to see, and so many people, it was actually a bit overwhelming, especially for the kids. Under no circumstances should you ever bring a stroller to Nürnberg!

But, crowds only come if something is truly amazing, and it was! Besides the main shopping area, we wound through a separate mini-market with booths set up from every country selling products unique to them. The USA booth sold Oreos, Kit Kats, and sports paraphernalia, while Ukraine had matryoshka dolls, Italy hocked meats and cheeses and Germany sold stollen (a Christmas fruit bread).

A tour of German Christmas Markets!Most of the bigger markets also have various large decorations erected, usually these pyramids. They’re sold in stores around Christmas time here, and can be anywhere from one to six levels high. Each level spins independently and is adorned with either nativity or general Christmas figures. You light the candles at the base, and as the hot air rises, it spins the wooden blades of the fan up top, which internally causes the different levels of the pyramid to spin as well! It’s pure genius, and I know exactly what I want as my souvenir from Germany before we leave!


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