Christmas Markets: Heidelberg & Burg Lichtenburg

A tour of the German Christmas markets!It’s hard to believe the first candle on that advent calendar is lit! Despite the fact that we had a four day weekend, it whizzed by at unprecedented speeds, my head is still spinning! We celebrated Thanksgiving with two other couples who moved from Hawaii with us. I’m so glad we were all stationed together again, especially every time a holiday rolls around and I start missing family (even more than usual, that is). Our potluck meal was amazing, and so was the epic game of Scattergories that followed! Friday we trimmed our tree and then Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Christmas markets in Heidelberg and Burg Lichtenburg (that’s a lot of burgs)!

A tour of the German Christmas markets!Photo courtesy of Judi and her camera phone. My battery died, again!

We caravanned over to Heidelberg with our friends and enjoyed perusing the market together. The food was amazing, seasoned meat on a stick, fry bread covered in Nutella, pumpkin cookies and gluhwein, of course! I even managed a cup of Starbucks, which isn’t very exciting for my US readers, but those near Ramstein know what a treat it is!

We managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done for friends and family back home, I have way too many flat rate  boxes to get shipped this week, assuming I survive the mob at the post office that is. It is nice to have things taken care of early this year so we can spend the season relaxing instead of rushing. Gray’s birthday party is this coming Saturday though, so there is much left to be done!

A tour of the German Christmas markets!

A tour of the German Christmas markets!There are so many adorable things for sale at the markets, hand carved ornaments, wooden pyramids, Christmas village figures, and these charming puppets and candles!

Sunday we went to Kusel Casle on our own for the Medieval Christmas Market. The artisans were dressed in period garb and sold traditional Christmas items with a Renaissance flair. We hadn’t been up to the castle yet, even though it’s only 20 minutes from our home, so this was a great opportunity to check it out.

All of our weekends between now and New Year’s are scheduled with different markets to attend, I’m so excited to see what unique things each one has to offer and to sample all of the seasonal fair food… I am just loving December in Germany!

A tour of the German Christmas markets!To keep up with more of our adventures, follow me on Facebook!


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