Ice Cream Dress

Oliver + S, Ice Cream Dress, by Babes in DeutschlandI am really enjoying sewing clothes for Aurora, it’s so relaxing to work on in the evenings after the little ones are in bed. I’m currently in the middle of making them each a matching little Christmas present (to be revealed later!), but for now, I thought I would blog this dress that I made for Rora awhile ago, but is just starting to fit her now. She’s worn it a couple of times and adores the large pockets in front, I always find little treasures hidden in there each time I go to wash it!

This is the Ice Cream Dress by Oliver + S, my favorite pattern company. My mother in law and I worked on it together when she came to visit us in Hawaii last summer. I always seem to sew a size up for Aurora, just in case, and this one was no exception. I think it would be the biggest travesty if I spent hours working on an outfit for her and it didn’t fit, so better safe than sorry!

We used Michael Miller Mini Dot in Retro and Kona Cotton Dresden for the fabrics. I love the vintage feel of it, so comfy yet cute, a great play dress, that’s for sure!

Oliver + S, Ice Cream Dress, by Babes in DeutschlandCan you guess where the animals like to sleep? Yep, she’s the mama kangaroo, they travel around marsupial style in her little pockets all day. 🙂

Oliver + S, Ice Cream Dress, by Babes in DeutschlandThis is probably my favorite pattern to sew because it doesn’t involve any button holes! Just one button and loop on the back. Button holes stress me out… My machine has been finicky ever since the move where a piece was lost, and even before that it just didn’t really like making them any more than I did! If you’re looking for an easy and adorable pattern, this one is definitely the way to go. I have several more ideas in mind for it, including tunics and shirts just by raising the hemline, so versatile!


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