Oh the Places We’ll Go: Kaiserslautern Fair

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandMoody skies, twinkling lights, and the company of my little family made our weekday trip to the Kaiserslautern fair a charming experience. Jon and I haven’t been to a fair in years, the kids had never been at all, so we decided to remedy this childhood injustice and take them to their first! I love showing them new things, the wonder and awe of the lights, sounds, and smells! Both kids probably have whiplash from yanking their heads around, side to side, up and down, trying to take it all in!

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandThey rode a couple rides in Nebraska while we were there visiting family, but nothing like these! Germans are fearless, there are no seatbelts, no orderly lines, no height restrictions, it’s an all out carnival free for all. We found a nice tame ride that we thought the kids would enjoy, no restraining devices of course, which posed some degree of concern for our little climber, but what the heck, we told Aurora to “hold on to him!”

After I calmed my anxious mama-heart down, they were already off on their way, huge smiles on their faces as they rang the bell and steered their little train. When it was time to get off, Gray threw a giant fit! He wasn’t ready to leave his choo-choo!

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandHe has the cutest sad face ever. Perhaps he’ll grow up and be an engineer, he’s pretty obsessed with all things that go lately!

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandAfter calming Aurora’s anxiety about riding on the rides a bit, we made our way to the giant ferris wheel and paid the ridiculous 12€ price for our family of four to ride (and that was half off!). So worth it though. The view was spectacular! Moody clouds rolling in with patches of setting sun still visible. Those beautiful dusky colors lit up the sky as we passed round and round through it.

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandShe is so beautiful, gosh, I can’t get enough of my little muse. Despite her earlier claims that she wanted nothing to do with the ferris wheel, she was entranced. Looking over the city and the carnival lights spread out below, the wind in her face and cotton candy in her hands. A childhood fantasy come true.

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in Deutschland

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in Deutschland

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandRora and I spun round on the swings together too, we kept asking her if she thought different rides looked “fun or scary” and she said this one looked fun, so we did it– and it was. So fun. So magical seeing the world from up high with my sweet girl. It makes me even more excited for the future as we are able to embark on more mother-daughter experiences.

Kaiserslautern Fair, Germany by Babes in DeutschlandJon rode one last ride on his own that reminded him of childhood while we looked on. Aurora was not happy that she didn’t get to ride with her Daddy, but I think that would have ruined all of the awesome pro-ride ground we had made that day. Jon’s ride was crazy, like fake smoke and lots of spinning crazy!

We headed home much later than we intended to, so caught up in the blinking lights and sweet fair food. What an enjoyable midweek treat we had, a far cry from our normal Wednesday routine. Sometimes you just need to shake things up!

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4 thoughts on “Oh the Places We’ll Go: Kaiserslautern Fair

  1. I have been following your blog ever since you moved to German and I truly appreciate that you are sharing all your challenges and new experiences with us. I love seeing the pictures of your family having fun and enjoying things they have never done before. To me it is very inspiring how you just go out there, in a country you have never been before, don’t speak the language and seem to be taking full advantage of all it has to offer.
    Our life’s are similar yet exactly the opposite. I am from Germany, followed my soldier to the US and we are actually moving to Oahu next month.
    Your blog makes me realize how much I miss these little things I have gotten used to growing up in Germany.
    Thank you so much!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! We just came from Oahu and LOVED it, you will too! If you need recommendations for anything from housing to playgroups let me know, I still have a lot of connections there!

      As far as the just jumping in and experiencing things go, we do jump in, but we make plenty of mistakes along the way! Last night for example, we didn’t know that you bought tickets for each ride individually, so we walked up to the first booth we found, bought a bunch and then later realized our error and had to return them to a woman who didn’t speak any English and wasn’t thrilled that we wanted a refund! But, we’re learning, and having fun while doing so!

  2. Love your blog! As we live in Germany I enjoy reading about the places you visit with your kids here. It gives me ideas of places to see that we have not been to yet with our kids! There is a great Fall festival in Ludwigsburg that we went to last year and plan to attend this weekend. It was a lot of fun with things for the kids, lots of pumpkins, pumpkin food…great! Any idea as to how long the Kaiserslautern fair is going on?

    • Hey Heather, so glad to meet a fellow resident! I think the fair is going on until Monday, but Friday is $1=€1 day. Make sure to bring lots of ones and change because even though they will accept dollars, they can’t make change for them (at least, that was what we found). Hope you guys have fun with the fair and festival this weekend!

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