Fall Blessings

Babes in DeutschlandWe’ve slowly been checking things off of our fall bucket list, we’ve picked apples, traversed a corn maze, and and I’ve sewn the kids Halloween costumes, but there is still so much that I want to take in this autumn! I suppose we’ve also road tripped and baked lots of fall treats, we’ve had potlucks and bonfires and worn layers for the first time in years, but I am just so entranced with all of the German, autumn magic that I just want to do everything at once. I suppose this is what three years in Hawaii will do to you!

I feel so blessed that we’ve had two amazing assignments back to back. I think our lives are a rarity in the Air Force. I’m humbled and grateful for the lives we get to lead, especially when I think about the fact that we never would have chosen any of it! In college Jon and I weren’t very big dreamers. We thought stable jobs, a few kids and living in our hometown for the rest of our life was what we wanted, all we wanted really.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that narrative, some days I still wish for it when the pangs of homesickness hit. What I am saying is that I am just enthralled with the magnitude of God’s plan for our lives. Things that I never would have dreamed to ask for have come true for us. I thought it would be half a century or so before we made it out to a tropical island to celebrate a golden anniversary after scrimping and saving for years. Europe wasn’t even a distant possibility.

Babes in DeutschlandAnd here we are, picking pumpkins from a local farm, overlooking the rolling hills of trees and crops below us. God is so good, and I am so thankful for this life we lead.

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandNot only has He placed us in Europe, but he’s placed these two little blessings in my care as well. My heart couldn’t be fuller as we enjoy the many gifts he’s given this season.


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