Book Report Dress

Aurora and I are working on a very exciting, Halloween themed, multi-day science project, so while that’s under construction, I thought I would share a few more sewing projects that I made with my mother in law, Anna, over the summer. I am really enjoying sewing kids clothes, not only can they be sentimental and beautiful, but they’re also immensely practical!

I’m sure I’ve already gushed about my love for Oliver + S patterns, they are seriously adorable! Modern sewing with a bit of a vintage feel in many of their styles, they even have patterns for adults! I haven’t taken the dive yet and made anything for myself, it seems much more complicated fitting and adult body… maybe someday I’ll get brave enough.

DSC_8118_edited-1Kid clothes though, they’re pretty standard to size, so I just go along with whatever size Aurora would wear in normal clothes. Although, I usually make the next size up so that she can wear the dresses longer, and then when the get too short I add leggings or jeans until it eventually becomes a shirt! Haha, any dress that takes hours to make deserves to be worn to death!

This is the front view of the book report dress, it has darling little pockets built in to the waist where the fabric changes, one on each side for her to collect treasures in. I used Michael Miller, Children at Play Balloon, Aqua and Kona Cotton, Pomegranate for this whimsical ensemble.

Oliver + S Book Report Dress by Babes in DeutschlandThe back view, I love that there are just as many cute details on the back of the dress as the front, the yoke in the coordinating pattern, and the pleat at the nape of the neck add just a touch of fun on an otherwise simple pattern.

Oliver + S Book Report Dress by Babes in DeutschlandWe found the clear, lavender buttons at Joann’s and I think they play really well with the balloons. O+S sells patterns in groups of 6m-4 and 5-12. Since Aurora is almost four, I decided I would get more longevity out of the larger pattern set, so this is actually a 5T, but I think it fits her pretty well, you can see here in the shoulders that I really wouldn’t have wanted to go much smaller, although it is a tad long.

Oliver + S Book Report Dress by Babes in DeutschlandShe really likes her dress, especially the pockets. I still haven’t found the perfect shoes to go with it, but she’s content to wear her boots every day since they keep her feet “toasty” as she likes to say.


2 thoughts on “Book Report Dress

    • Thanks! I think it looks better with the reversal I did of the patterned and solid fabric. I suppose if you had the right pattern you could do it the way it’s shown, but I think it looks more subtle this way. Since this one has long sleeves, it’s my new favorite of the ones I own, probably less of an issue for you though lol.

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