Bargello Wave Quilt

Bargello wave quilt by Babes in DeutschlandThis post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting us!

I adore Grayson’s baby quilt, his grandma, our friend Lanae and I spent countless hours cutting and piecing the top. Cutting, sewing and bonding was about all we did during the weeks of my visit to Nebraska when I was pregnant with Gray. So many decisions we made, concerning which of the twenty fabrics involved to use in which row, and how to cut the pattern down to a manageable size. I think we did pretty well. Lanae and I aren’t the pro quilters that my mother in law is, but I’d like to think we helped make this quilt the work of love and art that it is.

We used a pattern from Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts and cut it down from the twin size. The fabric was all chosen from a local fabric store and my MIL’s vintage fabric stash, so I’m not sure which is what. It would be hard to ever replicate one of these intricate designs anyway. I think that’s part of the magic of it, no one will ever have this exact quilt.

Babes in DeutschlandBefore helping to make this quilt, I had never come across another bargello one before, I had no idea such movement could be captured with fabric! If you look closely at the squares, you can see that they’re all varying sizes from 1/4″-2″ and that’s what gives the optical illusion of movement. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard to make as you would think. You cut strips of 20 or so different fabrics and then sew them together in a specific order and then cut in the opposite direction so that you get strips of all of the different fabrics together and then you align them in a diagonal so that on the finished product, each strip of the same fabric seems to move.

Babes in DeutschlandNow that it’s getting cold, the kids love to cuddle up with their quilts, especially in front of the fire. Today, Aurora asked for popcorn for a snack, and while I was making it she proceeded to lay out the blankets in her favorite spot. I quickly grabbed the camera, because anytime your toddlers are doing something cute and are preoccupied with food is a good time to snap away.

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandGray’s nursery in Hawaii used to be themed based on the poem Wynken, Blynken, & Nod, one of my favorites as a child, so the quilt matched perfectly. I only wish that we had finished it in time for a photoshoot in the room before we moved. Oh well, he will always have it to remind him of the waves where he began his little life. It makes me a bit homesick for our island paradise too.


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