Halloween Costumes

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Here they are! I’ve thrown out several hints about what the kids were going to be for Halloween over the past few weeks, but no one guessed quite right. After much deliberation, I give you the explorer and his butterfly!

We had talked about nerding out and doing family fantasy theme costumes, but that just wasn’t going to happen this year, so instead, I scaled back the time investment and the budget and decided to work with what I already had. We had been planning on getting Aurora a set of fabric butterfly wings for Christmas, so I ordered them a little early along with the antenna and completed the outfit with black leggings, shoes and a shirt she already had. Yay for a cute, cheap, reusable costume!

DSC_8066_edited-1I’m a little obsessed with themed costumes, so Gray had to match in some way. I looked at caterpillar costumes, but they seemed so baby-ish, and whoever decided that the younger sibling has to have the lamer costume anyways! So, we went up the food chain instead of down and Gray now gets to hunt his sister for his butterfly collection!

I made him the vest using the explorer vest pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. It’s lined with an adorable Michael Miller print of backyard bugs in jars, I’ll have to get some more photos of it when he’s not wearing it. I added a pith hat to some clothes he already had on hand and he was all set for his entomological adventure!

DSC_8045_edited-1Getting two kids dressed with props and in the same frame of a photo is exhausting! I literally only have the one at the top of them together… Hopefully they cooperate a bit more on Halloween. At least then I’ll be able to bribe them with candy. 😉

DSC_8036_edited-1I really like how everything came together with their costumes, not only were they cheap and easy, but they’ll also be able to play dress up with them for a long time! Gray can wear his vest out and about and I’m so happy to have been able to sew him something! I’ve made several dresses for Aurora, but sewing for boys is so much more difficult!

DSC_8095_edited-1The costumes also fit their personalities pretty well, Aurora is my dancing dreamer all aflutter with fanciful drawings and stories, and Grayson truly is an explorer at heart. Always searching for the boundaries, pushing himself to reach new heights and conquer his environment.

Trick or treating should be an interesting experience here. Most Germans don’t celebrate the holiday, so that means thousands of people will be flocking to the base to circulate the only housing areas that are. I’ve heard that the houses who had out candy usually go through 30 bags, easily, that’s wild! We will definitely be bringing some extra bags to leave with them so they can help spread the cheer a bit longer!


5 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. Looks like she is loving those wings! The Explorer idea is awesome too! Can’t resist a cute boy in a hat 😉
    We’re doing toy story family costumes here. M just got her first pair of cowgirl boots and she’s stoked!

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