Life Lately

Babes in DeutschlandOh weekends, how you simultaneously thrill and exhaust me. We decided to stick close to home this weekend since we’ve been out galavanting for the past several. Saturday afternoon we took the kids to an indoor swimming pool where we all had a blast playing in the warm water and trying to forget that it was freezing outside. We’ve been working on various swim skills with the kids and they are showing so much improvement every time we take them to the pool! Aurora is getting a lot more confident putting her face in to the water, and Gray loves to jump and dunk, and swim around in his puddle jumper. The afternoon didn’t end until we were joyfully waterlogged and Grayson had pooped in the pool. Yep, he did that.

We were hoping that all of the exercise would wear the kids out enough to sleep in for us, but no such luck occurred. I’m not sure how to get Gray to sleep longer at night, maybe it’s time to give up his afternoon nap? Seems like it’s a bit early for that though. He just doesn’t seem to need as much sleep as other kids his age, unfortunately. So, we continue with the crazy attempts at wearing him out, here’s hoping that todays zoo trip will have done the trick!

Babes in DeutschlandIt has been a soggy day, but this afternoon we ventured out to the Kaiserslautern Zoo for zoo day. There were some additional vendors and activities set up for the occasion, so we decided today was the day to check it out. Both kids spent the majority of the time hopping from puddle to puddle, they were soaked from the knees down, but were still quite delighted with their fun and the fact that neither mom or dad were stopping them.

Babes in DeutschlandIt was all going pretty well until someone decided that he could completely ignore our direction (instead of only ignoring 90% of our direction like normal) and he headed off to explore a rain filled ditch. He was already soaked from the puddles so we decided to play this one out. Within five seconds, he had tried to jump in it, sunk up to his waist and was clawing his way out, back up the hill. I think this face means ‘lesson learned.’

Babes in DeutschlandThere was a small petting zoo filled with a dozen sprightly goats jumping over one another for attention and food pellets. Food pellets that Grayson decided he should taste test before giving to the goats by the way. After being handed a few, he went to offer one to the goat, but mid handout he reverses the motion and pops the pellet in his mouth. Crazy boy, I can’t wait to tell him these stories when he’s older.

Babes in DeutschlandBesides all of Grayson’s antics, we did have a pretty laid back time, there was a neat falconry show where various birds of prey dove through the audience members to retrieve pieces of dismembered chicks… delish. Aurora was delighted with them, even when they ate their “snacks.” The circle of life doesn’t seem to phase her too much, which I suppose is a good thing.

I also finished the kid’s halloween costumes this weekend, so I think a big reveal is in order before the big day in case anyone else out there in blog land is looking for a bit of inspiration. Here’s a hint, it’s very theme-y!


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