Ramstein Farmer’s Market

Babes in DeutschlandSunday afternoon we ventured out to the farmer’s market that was set up near base. After much hassle trying to find a legal parking space anywhere within a mile of the event, we finally arrived at one of the biggest markets I had ever been to. Several streets were cordoned off to accommodate the throngs of people milling between the food, alcohol, and goods vendors. Oh, and let’s not forget this guy, he drew quite a crowd!

Babes in DeutschlandThe live music and crisp fall air made the whole experience seem like something out of a German travel brochure come to life. Nothing is more German than a festival!

Babes in DeutschlandWe perused the fruits and vegetables, watched a couple weaving baskets, explored the petting zoo, experienced the juicing of apples, and Aurora rode a pony! Such a fun afternoon!

Babes in DeutschlandApples are thrown in the curved trough and then the wheel is rolled over them to grind the juice out, super interesting, and I’m glad I wasn’t in the front row for this demonstration as juice was spraying everywhere!

Babes in DeutschlandShe was so excited to go for a ride, when she finished she patted her horse on the nose and thanked him, too cute!

Babes in DeutschlandThere were chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, and sheep oh my! Gray thought it was his personal mission to overcome the fences in his way of getting to those animals. The little boy is a climber!

Babes in DeutschlandWe ended the day with the last Elstar apple they had. I intended to buy a bagful, but this was the only one left so they gave it to us for free. Man was it delicious, I definitely have a new favorite variety, so sweet and crisp, mmm.


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