Last Weekend: Part 2

Last Saturday ended up being wildly busy for us, first we went to the Hitscherhof Farm Festival which you can read about in part 1 of our weekend, and then we celebrated at neighborhood birthday party for our friend Tobias. It has been difficult to meet people in our small German village, but Tobias and his wife Diana have gone above and beyond to help us feel welcome. We’ve been to a few of their infamous backyard cook outs now, and we always enjoy good food and good company, but this night was particularly beautiful as Aurora and I explored their yard and enjoyed the sunset.

Babes in DeutschlandShe loves to pick berries, I wish I would have had things together sooner this spring and we could have gone to the pick your own strawberry fields, but I suppose there’s always next year.

Babes in DeutschlandWe’ve taught her not to eat anything she finds, even if it looks like a fruit she’s had before, because there are so many growing around us, some of which are poisonous.  She still likes to pick them though. 🙂

Babes in DeutschlandSo many fun creatures to find here.

Babes in DeutschlandTobias is famous for his goulash simmered over the fire pit. I particularly like how all of the men seem drawn to standing around the food and fire.

Babes in DeutschlandMore manly stuff…

Babes in DeutschlandGrayson was especially cute trying to play soccer with the big kids, he’s very hands on however, so maybe he’s best suited for a goalie.

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandIt’s not a German party without a few brats!

Babes in DeutschlandThe finished product!

Babes in DeutschlandThe poor guy isn’t really 40, but when I asked his wife what number I should put on the cake, this is what she recommended. Thankfully he was good natured about it. 😉

Babes in DeutschlandThe skyline of our little town, backlit with a beautiful pink sunset.

We were certainly exhausted after two family outings on Saturday, but we had so much fun hanging out with old friends and new. This next weekend we’re planning to go to Cologne with the Gill’s on Saturday, a big farmer’s market or Apple Festival on Sunday, and possibly swimming on Monday at the base since Jon is off. I’m happily exhausted just thinking about all of the fun.


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