Oh the Places We’ll Go: Gräfenstein Castle Medieval Festival

The mornings are quite cool now, the heat of a few weeks ago quickly dissipated and the country has firmly rooted itself in the fall season. It was such a short summer, full of unpacking and resettling there was so much more I had planned to do. Next year I suppose we’ll get around to picking those strawberries and running through those fields of canola oil flowers that adorn the hilly countryside.

Now it is time to make the most of fall, our first change of seasons in three years, I can hardly believe it’s here! In my excitement, I even found the motivation to winterize our closets this morning. Out with the shorts and tanks, in with the sweaters and scarves and the beautiful layers! This weekend we had our first chance to sport our warmer attire at a medieval festival around Gräfenstein Castle.

Jon and I are total nerds for these sorts of things, we’re planning on making our own head to toe renaissance outfits for the next one, time (and sewing skill) was just not on our side for this one. So here we are hiking through the forest, up a mountain to the historic castle on the hill.

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval FestivalOne of the most unfortunate things about this trip, as you will see, is the lack of photographs… We decided to bring the waterproof camera as it was a sloshy, rainy sort of day. The camera lied to us however, 75% battery on the display yet in reality only enough to take 7 pictures. I suppose I’ll have to get more imaginative with my descriptions.

I really wish that I had captured a shot of the castle as we were driving up, you approach dead on from the bottom of a valley, and with all of the rain and fog happening it appears that this mountain rises up out of nothing and settled on the very top is an ancient castle. It was magnificent.

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval FestivalThis is the only up close shot of the castle I have, the last frame before the battery bit the dust! The vendor was setting up a game of sorts where you have to climb the ladder to the top and ring the bell without tipping over!

We were able to climb a turret up in to the decaying castle and that was definitely humbling to think that those rocks have been standing there longer than America has been America! Gray was awash with excitement, running to and fro, climbing on this and that. The boy is a wild explorer.

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval FestivalThere were probably two dozen merchants selling everything from gemstones to leather working, weaving, and toy weapons. I really want to get the kids a sword and shield set like my brothers and I had as kids, but I think they’re a bit too young yet. Maybe next year my dear Viking son.

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval FestivalWe didn’t end up staying for the blacksmithing demonstration as it was too late in the program, but we did see a juggling jester act! It was completely in German so much of the humor was lost on us, but the jokers were very talented with tossing, balls, sticks, and fire through the air!

Babes in Deutschland, Gräfenstein Castle Medieval FestivalNo souvenirs, not very many photos, but quite a few memories.


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