Life Lately

Babes in DeutschlandThis week was remarkably better than last, we’ve been getting out more with our new friend Diana who lives in the village, she has three rambunctious boys who jabber back and forth in German and I’m hoping some of it will rub off on Aurora! They are both pros at saying “danke” and “tschuss” when they’re handed little treats at the bakery or butcher shop, I wonder how much more their little sponge brains are storing away.

We all went shopping together in Homburg on Tuesday, it was so nice to set foot in a real department store again! H&M was everything I had dreamed it to be, at least in the kids department. I adore cute childrens clothes, not the overly cutesy stuff, but rather the tiny baby hipster styles! Aurora picked out a cute pink and gray rabbit print dress, and Grayson got a few new long sleeved shirts since he is tiny and the 2T winter clothes I had bought for him this year won’t fit until next!

We’ve been to two potlucks this week as well, a church one on Sunday to welcome the new paster and his family, and a squadron event on Wednesday for all of the kids and spouses. They showed us around on a tour of where the guys work, we ate some good food (some really good food… I’ve been cooking Pinterest recipes up a storm, lemon bars, homemade mac & cheese, cake batter rice krispy bars, we’re all kind of in a food coma over here!). The tour was a bit long for the kiddos, but it was pretty cool to see the “top secret” areas where Jon works!

Babes in DeutschlandYesterday was pretty much the perfect day in the life of a stay at home mom. We baked and colored, danced and ate, and best of all, everyone got along! The kids are finally at the age where they becoming really awesome playmates! Aurora always asks if Gray can do x, y, z activity with her, Gray runs around the house yelling “Rorrrra, Rorrrraaaaa.” They make me melt.

I love watching their personalities unfold, Aurora has always been the easy going one, she loves art and is so focused for being merely three years old. I wish I had her ability to hone in on a project some days! Gray is the opposite, wild and crazy, this boy loves to wrestle and tickle and run!

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandCase and point. Gray colored for about 3 minutes and then decided it was time to wrestle, he hopped on to Aurora’s back like he was going to ride a horse, she completely ignored him and kept on coloring. He climbs off and hams it up for the camera. Life would be boring if we were all the same though, so hopefully they learn to love each others different play styles and can “find a way to plaaay together” as Daniel Tiger would say.

DSC_6420Today I stopped down at the kindergarten again to see if anything new had developed. The school has been up and running for the past week and a half and we hadn’t heard anything about whether there would be room for Aurora or not. I’m still awaiting a call as to the final answer, but I did find out that even if she does get a spot, if another German citizen comes along and needs the spot then she will be out until they have another opening… That’s kind of a downer.

It was fun to tour the building today, it seems like they use a Montessori approach. Everything in the room is made from natural wood in the Waldorf style, very simple, tactile toys were present, and the bathroom, kitchen and playroom all had low, accessible shelving. It definitely seems like a fun place for Aurora to hang out and learn some German, so hopefully things work out.

Tomorrow we’re planning to go to Frankfurt, a much larger and less historic city. There are a lot of museums, a zoo, great food– I’m stoked! Many pics and details to come, I’m sure. 🙂


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