Roots and Wings

Well that was a nice little weekend… not nearly long enough, but are they ever? We’ve been enjoying being low key, not doing anything too exciting, in the good kind of way! My yoga pants are on, and I can sit and dreamily listen to my music for the first time since the move (I recently got a new computer, all of the music was stored on an external hardrive in our packed household goods… long story short, Pandora was the only option for the past six months)!

I’m currently both looking at and listening to my music since I redid our chalkboard contact paper wall.

Babes in Deutschland, chalkboard contact wallThis is one of my favorite songs from RUF in college, pretty much all of the songs we used to sing during our Thursday night get togethers are still my favorites, and so I wanted to plaster an entire wall with these beautiful old lyrics. I had to really concentrate on my handwriting, I haven’t seriously used cursive since like sixth grade (how do you make a Z again?).

Shortly after completing my little project, I came across a documentary, Roots and Wings: The Story of Indelible Grace and the RUF Hymns which was amazing! Not necessarily in the ‘this is the best documentary I’ve ever seen’ sort of way, but rather in the ‘oh man I had dinner with that guy once, and these songs are the soundtrack of my college years’ sort of way!

I’m really aching for some community these days, I’ve been a part of some really, really awesome groups in the past, and now, having to rebuild my entire life is a bit disheartening, but so the military life goes. We have been attending a church for a couple of months now, Trinity Reformed Church in Landstuhl. Most of their congregation PCSed away this summer and they’ve been without a pastor for the past two years (but the new recruit is coming next Sunday!), so they’re in the process of rebuilding their community as well. Perhaps we’ll all build something new together. 🙂


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