Our New House: Kitchen & Dining Room

Babes in Deutschland, Use chalkboard contact paper instead of paint to transform a space!We finally finished all of the big moving in projects on our to do list! What a load off of my shoulders, I feel like I can finally relax again! We celebrated last Saturday with a housewarming party with both old and new friends. Two families that we knew in Hawaii moved to Germany along with us so it’s been nice to arrive already having a small community. We have also met a few new friends in our village, our landlady and a sweet German couple just up the street.

We had everyone who came leave a quote on our new chalkboard wall and, of course, the children left their own “quotes” on the lower half of the wall, I think they’re original. 😉

Babes in Deutschland, Use chalkboard contact paper instead of paint to transform a space!We did a LOT of work on this one little corner. Previously, there were three different types of wallpaper on this 10 foot section of wall! It was a bit chaotic so we ripped it all down and painted the entire corner white. I wanted to add a bit of drama to this room, but didn’t want to make it too much of a pain to move out when we eventually do, so I actually used chalkboard contact paper to cover the entire wall! It’s definitely a two person job, and we do have a few bubbles that need to be smoothed out, but it’s a great alternative to having to paint and then un-paint when we leave. The contact paper will peel off just like a sticker, we’ll wad it up and be on our way!

Babes in Deutschland, Kitchen revealWe didn’t do much in the kitchen, it was already light and lovely, but it is finally unpacked and functional… Now I just have to remember where I stored everything!

Babes in Deutschland, Kitchen revealI’m in love with the view, cooking is ever so much more fun now… sort of. 😉

Babes in Deutschland, Kitchen revealMy sweet basil plant from our sweet friends the Seefeldt’s. Prayers for the plant that I don’t kill it in the first week please!

Babes in Deutschland, Dining room revealNotice anything? There are no more high chairs in my life! I feel like a new woman.

Babes in Deutschland, Dining room revealA house isn’t a home until the books are unpacked. 🙂


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