Our New House: The Playroom, part 1

This loft bed has a rock wall, a puppet theater, a ball pit, reading nook, dress up center, swings, a ladder, rings, and of course a bed! ALL IN ONE!I LOVE things that are multifunctional! Using an iron to make grilled cheese, a blow dryer to remove stickers, and the many, many things you can do with a mason jar have lead me to believe that the more functions an object can perform the better! It was with this philosophy in mind that we designed the kids playroom.

We started with the need for a guest bed. Eventually people are going to make it out here for a European vacation and grandchild cuddlefest and so we decided we’d get a cheap futon or something for when that occurred, but then we thought, why stop at just a guest bed, what if we could make something that was functional all year round instead of only when we had company. From this simple idea came the kids new seven function dream zone…

A jungle gym, dress up center, puppet theater, rock wall, reading nook, ball pit and guest bed all in one!I give you our jungle gym/rock wall/puppet theater/dress up station/reading nook/ball pit/guest bed! This has been quite a project… We found the loft bed on a sale page, paid practically nothing for the amazingly solid piece of furniture and then started adding the different apparatus on. I was pleasantly surprised that we managed to do it all without drilling any holes in to the bed as well. So someday, when our kids are too cool for this awesome fort it can revert to being a boring old loft bed. πŸ™‚

Babes in Deutschland, puppet theaterJon had the idea to angle the rock wall and secure it with tension and paracord and that made for a nice little hideaway nook that I created a puppet theater curtain for. The angled side is secured with hooks and the straight side is open for easy access to come and go. I also imagine Aurora will turn this area in to her own little house for baby Ava (her favorite dolly) because she’s in to that sort of thing. Gray will probably try to climb through the puppet hole… cuz he’s in to that sort of thing.

Babes in Deutschland, rock wall built on to a loft bedThe rock wall is an easy climb, even for those less adept at gross motor skills (*cough* Aurora), she was so nervous the first time going up, but now boasts that she can do it all by herself. She scrambles up to the top to enjoy…

Babes in Deutschland, use a loft bed as a ball pit/reading nook!…the ball pit and reading nook! I’m not sure how long the balls will remain up there since my angelic children like to throw them off the top and of course there’s no way they can clean them up by themselves! But, it’s a fun rainy day activity that we’ll pull out when the mood suits us.

All in all, the project ended up costing less than $200! Probably less than we would have spent on that uncomfortable futon! Now, I’m not saying you have to climb up the rock wall to get to your sleeping quarters Mom and Dad, but you can if you want to! πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Our New House: The Playroom, part 1

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  2. That is Amazing! I am so impressed with the concept and the execution….I love it when the two come together! Congrats! I may have to copy this idea if we move to a bigger place.

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