Our New House: Living Room

The thing that really sold us on choosing this house over a couple of other really great places was the history. We loved the idea of living a converted elementary school, we loved the old village feel, and we also loved the great open living space. The main room has an open living and dining room and then a closed off kitchen with bar height walls surrounding it. Any mother would probably agree that this is ideal because it lets you see what your kids are doing in the main room, without them being able to get in to your kitchen! (Our landlord even jerry rigged an ingenious baby gate for the one opening in to the kitchen, but I’ll post on that another time.)

Only one of the three sections of this room is completely done (man this moving in process is taking forever!), so I’ll just share a few pictures of our school inspired living room. We drew a lot of inspiration from the history of this place, and also just happen to really like nerdy things. 🙂

Quirky, fun living spaceLocker cabinet: Ikea, Alphabet poster: Ikea, Map: Ikea, Rug: Ikea, Pillows: Deny, Lamp: Target

We’ve had the couch, coffee table, and tv stand for awhile and needed to work with them again (although as soon as I don’t have to fear potty training mishaps anymore, I have my eye on a vintage velvet sectional /drool). Instead of using a traditional end table, we used an old filing cabinet that Jon rescued from the dump at work! After a coat of spray paint I am in love with the end result! We still use it to file stuff too, and the kids like to use the magnetic furniture to play with various magnetic toys!

Babes in DeutschlandI feel like I’m getting smarter sitting in this room looking at a map all day. Did you know Kyrgyzstan was a country? I didn’t, not sure how to even pronounce that!

School themed decorAs you might have noticed, we don’t have a TV anymore… It’s crazy how that came about, I’ve mentioned to Jon many times before how I thought a TV was unnecessary, especially a big one. He has always maintained that video games bring people together and the best way to play them is on a 60″ screen! After selling our plasma before we moved, it was actually he who suggested not replacing it and he picked out the map instead. So, I guess we’re officially one of those families now. Those “TV will rot your brain” “No screen time for kids under three” preachy fams… just kidding, we still have our laptops and Hulu (can’t live without my Parks & Rec!)

Organize books by colorMy summer reading list, all of the books from my shelves that I started and din’t finish or never had time to start so probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place. I will conquer the stack.

Babes in Deutschland, fun colors and patterns!This couch set was originally three pieces, there was an accent chair in a crazy print with some matching pillows, but I was ready for a change. The thing that sold me on this couch set when I first bought it straight out of college was that the base couches were neutral and I could change out different accessories to update them. Some fun geometric prints and funky colors and they seem a lot more lively.

Anyone who knows our story, knows that one of our favorite parts of high school was falling in love! So, as a tribute to that, we filled a bottomless glass lamp with notes we wrote to each other throughout high school and college. Other 80’s kids will remember with me the joy of getting an artfully folded note passed to you in the hallway prior to all of this texting business. 😉

A simple preschool workstation

This desk was another Airman’s Attic find. It was pretty beat up after the move, so I slapped a coat of mint paint on it and changed out the chair and now it’s Aurora’s preschool workstation. She is kind of obsessed with ABC Mouse and will happily play for hours if we let her! We’re also working on learning the children’s Westminster catechism and are using a few other resources, but perhaps that’s also another post for another day… seems like a theme here. 😉


6 thoughts on “Our New House: Living Room

    • It has been such a blessing to find a great house here with tons of room for all of the things I want to do! When we got orders here, I was told that everything in Europe was tiny, so I was expecting the worst, but have been pleasantly surprised!

  1. I love seeing all of your updates! You guys are so creative in decorating your new home. Can you come do mine now? 😉 How old is your youngest? I look at the decor and think, wow my son would have all of that on the floor in a second! I’m not sure how to prevent it?!

    • Hey, thanks! Our youngest is 19 months, and I will admit, a few of the things in our living room were staged a bit. The glass balls are souvenirs from Hawaii and they don’t normally sit on the coffee table otherwise Gray would certainly destroy them! Currently there is nothing on our coffee table because it will inevitably be broken, but I am slowly training him not to touch the other things in the room. He will occasionally take the books off of the shelves, but that’s relatively easy to put back and he gets a time out when he does. How old are your kids?

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