Our New House: Grayson’s Room

Babes in Deutschland, a playful circus roomRug: Ikea, Duvet: Boodalee (bought for a steal on Ebay!), Tent: Ikea, Felt ball garland: Etsy, Artwork: Amazon, AmazonAmazon, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Lamp: Ikea, Curtains: Target+ I shortened them and appliquéd the stripes, Bouncy horse: Amazon

Gray’s room received a complete thematic makeover with the move. Before we left Hawaii, I had an epic online yardsale and was able to sell most of his nursery decor and crib, so I had a bit of fun designing the perfect big boy room for him. I wanted it to be something that was young and playful, but that he could also grow in to since we’ll (hopefully) be in this house for four years!

The inspiration for his room actually came from the toys in it, mainly the bouncy horse and tent. Gray is a busy boy and I wanted a space for him that would allow him to play with his decor while still being low maintenance on the clean up. After visiting Ikea and seeing him play with the tent on display, I knew we had found a winner! A few thematic accessories later and I give you Grayson’s boisterously boyish circus room!

Babes in Deutschland, a playful circus roomI bought the felt balls in bulk off of Etsy, and strung them together to make a garland, I love the chaotic colors and they sort of remind me of those vintage circus lights without the pain of electricity. 🙂

Babes in Deutschland, a playful circus roomA few clowny accessories that can also be taken down to be played with, balloon animals, juggling balls, facepaint and a clown nose!

Babes in Deutschland, a playful circus roomThese curtains have been through three moves and get a makeover every single time, seriously, one of my best decor purchases! Above his bed is a vintage printer tray with some cars inside it, but I’m not entirely satisfied with it, so it may get a bit of a sprucing up before I’m through with it!


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