We’re Not Dead…

Just without internet. Still. It’s been about three weeks thus far and it seems we’re in for another week. To say things move slower over here would be an understatement. I suppose the timing could have been worse, at least we have plenty of moving in projects to occupy ourselves with. We’ve been renovating a lot of the cosmetic issues with our rental home, new paint in place of dated wallpaper, new lighting, and lots of furniture re dos. I’m super excited to share what we’ve been up to, hopefully next week from the comfort of our own internet filled home!

For now, I’ll just stick up a few pictures and an update to tide the grandparents over. 😉

Babes in DeutschlandWe’ve mostly been obsessed workaholics like I said, but we’ve stolen away on a couple adventures thus far. Ohmbachsee is the gorgeous lake near our house, ringed with a walking trail and paddle boat rentals, and a quirky kids park to decorate the shore. We’ve spent a few afternoons out there relaxing and enjoying a cone or two!

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandAurora loves to explore the village trails, behind the park is a little stream that she loves to visit. She’ll sit along the banks and watch the water bubble over the rocks for hours while Gray jousts on the metal spring horse. The park seems to be the place to meet people here in Ohmbach, a family will approach and I’ll nervously ask “Sprechen sie English?” to which they always reply “a little,” even though most of them are fluent. I’ve met a few moms with younger kids there, and hopefully once I have internet and a working phone we’ll be able to meet up more often.

Babes in DeutschlandBesides all of the changes that come with moving to a foreign country, we’ve had plenty of other more normal familial changes as well. Despite how short these last few months have seemed to us, they’ve been long enough for the kids to keep growing up at the normal rate. Aurora is just shy of being completely potty trained and Grayson is sleeping in his “big boy bed.”

Potty training has been quite a trial, leaving Hawaii while in the middle of it, spending two months in Nebraska, one month in a TLF, and now all of the stress and work of moving in to our home has not provided the easiest setting for consistency, but I think we’re finally figuring it out and can venture out with less fear.Babes in DeutschlandAnd Grayson, that trooper, he adjusted to his new sleeping situation in 15 minutes flat. We sold his crib when we left Hawaii, so he has been sleeping in a pack n’ play these past few months. We set it up in his room so that he could get acclimated to the environment, and as we unpacked, we set up his twin bed, decor, etc. around it so he would be familiar with it all. Then, a couple nights ago after I had installed the last baby proofing latch on his dresser I decided that it was time! I took down the pack n’ play, tucked him in to his big boy bed and left!

Fifteen minutes he cried, not sure what was up with this new situation, but after that, he crawled in to his bed and fell asleep! The next day at nap time he laid right down and slept! There are a couple of toys in the room, but he doesn’t even get down to play with them, so pretty much his transition has been a dream! It’s nice to have something work out well in the midst of failed internet, broken dryers, faulty Amazon purchases, etc. And of course, now that the kids have accomplished those important milestones, traveling will be so much easier, we’re hoping to get our first road trip under our belts in the next few weeks as well, so stay tuned for that!


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