Rental Renovation

Babes in DeutschlandProjects are underway to turn this rental in to our HOME. I am not one to live in a cookie cutter white box, so we choose one with character and life! I mentioned before, that our house is a renovated school from the 1950’s, and we love it, but it definitely has a few projects we wanted to take care of. Before moving in, we inquired of the landlord just how comfortable she was with us changing cosmetic things, and she was all for it (as long as we put it back)!

I think sometimes, as renters, people choose not to customize their space because it’s SO much work to do and then undo, but I’ve been working on some neat little tricks for updating a space on a dime  that also won’t drain your time! Stay tuned for that, it could be awhile, I think we may be without internet for the next three weeks? Who knows, such is the speed of things over here. 🙂

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in Deutschland


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