Lonely Spring

Babes in DeutschlandSkies have been gray for days. I hear this is typical of a German spring, but I am definitely missing my Hawaiian sun, and friends too for that matter. Things have been kind of lonely in our TLF. The kids are tired of being pent up in 200 square feet of space, and their attitudes have been reflecting it. We try to get out to the park each day, but things are so soggy and cold that it never lasts for long. Meeting people has been nigh impossible, parents do not congregate at playgrounds like they did at Hickam. Even if we did meet someone, odds are we would live too far away from each other by the time we both found homes to rent. It’s a very disparaging, transient time for us right now. I just want to start rebuilding my life, but we have at least another 13 days in our TLF before we can move in, and that’s IF everything gets approved with the house we want.

Yesterday we went out to our potential new home and helped the land lady out a bit. She is in the process of moving from the larger side of the home to the smaller side and then will (hopefully) be renting the larger side to us. Jon went out there last Saturday to help her move some of the bigger furniture out of the apartment, and then yesterday he mowed the lawn for her while I sorted through the stuff she is yard saleing (totally just made that noun a verb). She has a lot of Americana paraphernalia. James Dean and Marilyn Monroe decorate her walls and vintage Coke-a-Cola tin signs fill her boxes of sale items. We scored a few classic wooden toys and an automobile first aid kit of all things and then the kids and I left to go introduce ourselves at the local kindergarten.

Babes in DeutschlandFor German children, kindergarten begins at age two, American children can start at three. We arrived at the cheerful building, decorated with rough hewn wooden beams and children’s artwork throughout the halls, there we met the “Lehrer” who greeted me in German. After making it abundantly clear that I didn’t understand what she was saying, she switched to English and informed me that there would probably be an opening for Aurora in the fall. That will work well for us as we’ll be able to get in to our home and adjust to our new lives before we throw one more change in the mix.

On the short walk back to our front door, we took a slight detour and found a charming park, complete with a log and spring double teeter totter, a slide built in to a hill, and a castle-like fort. The entire design was so Germanic and lovely; I’m so excited to live in this village and experience the authentic life of a Deutschlander. I’ll be especially excited once we start meeting other families in the village, I long for new friendships to replace the old ones I’ve lost, and I know Aurora does too.

Babes in DeutschlandI know this transitionary time is temporary, and soon enough I will be overwhelmed with the work of setting up our new home, but nonetheless, I pray that it comes to an end quickly and that the uncertainty in our housing situation becomes clarified soon. Hopefully everyone back in Hawaii is doing well, we miss all of our playgroup friends dearly, enjoy the sun for us!


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