In Processing

Things have slowed down a bit over here. Jon has been in processing since we arrived, so his days are filled with meetings, briefings, paperwork and running from building to building all over base. If you know Jon, you know how much he loves that sort of stuff… Hopefully we’ll be able to rent a car on Wednesday and be off to see a few houses that evening. I’ve been making appointments to view some of my favorites and I can barely contain my enthusiasm! Neither can I reign in my anxiety that someone else will snatch up my dream house before we get to it, but such is life I suppose. God will stick us in the house, in the village, near the people He wants us to be around, so I really should relax… but you know me. 😉

Some other fun tales, we had lunch with our sponsors family on Sunday afternoon. It was marvelous, our first trip off base, and my eyes could scarcely take it all in. Their village is so quaint, tulips line the roadside, chickens run free in yards, the streets are cobbled. Not to mention, I am in architecture heaven! Seriously, this place takes my breath away. Gorgeous forests everywhere you look, mountains on all sides of you, and signs for castles on just about every road. I can’t wait to get settled in and really start exploring the countryside!

We’ve been learning a lot of the ins and outs of living here, mostly through trial and error. I tried to make a batch of cookies the other night and noticed our oven was in Celsius, no problem, I quickly googled a temperature conversion. Then, I noticed that our oven had no words for bake, broil, convection, etc. on it, only pictures. That’s when things got real. I picked the red picture thinking red means hot. Wrong, red means warm and I ended up with a gooey mess of warm dough. Upon trying to rectify the situation and selecting a new picture, I think I chose the fan this time, I burnt the tops of them. Game over, better luck next time. Thankfully our sponsors wife sent me some articles and websites with information so now I can be in the know and make you cookies when you come visit. I’ve also discovered our stove can’t boil water… I cooked my spaghetti for an hour trying to get it somewhere close to al dente. You can imagine how great that tasted. Oh well, don’t expect pasta when you come.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend, nothing too exciting, I forgot to bring my camera when we went off base. I suppose there will be plenty of time to capture the country later. So, instead, you get more pictures of my amazingly cute children, oh and one of an awesome mannequin, enjoy!





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