Travel Buddies

DSC_3380 copy_edited-1We made it, we’re officially living in Germany now! It has been a crazy 24 hours over here. You can read up on the first leg of our journey here. During our long layover in Baltimore, we met some friends while waiting in line to check it at the AMC. They have two kids as well, ages 5 and 2.5 so Aurora was in heaven running around playing tag between the airport barricades. Good times. 🙂

We spent the remainder of our time in Baltimore hanging out with this family, as it turns out, they are PCSing from Hawaii as well and they lived about three blocks away from us all this time! The military is a very small world, I’m learning. Our families have a lot in common, an interest in unusual sports for the guys (hockey and velodrome racing), board games, Jesus, and let’s not forget, the girls both love going through each others purses.

DSC_3379 copy_edited-1Around 11:30 pm, we boarded our rotator bound for Ramstein. It was huge, 10 seats across! Unfortunately Jon and I weren’t able to sit next to each other due to carseat in the aisle rules (boo, safety), but the kids cooperated most of the flight and slept/ate/only fussed an understandable amount of time. The flight was actually awesome, we were served a full meal and then a snack later, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the flight attendant brought around a tray of warm towels to wipe up the inevitably sticky children.

Upon landing, we were ushered through customs and baggage claim. Nothing very exciting to see there, after collecting our exorbitant amount of luggage, we met up with our sponsor who checked us in at our TLF (temporary living facility). The quarters are nice, kind of like a small apartment. There are two bedrooms and a large living/kitchen/dining area. We’ll stay here until we find a place to rent/buy. (Photos to come tomorrow!)

DSC_3382 copy_edited-1After freshening up, our sponsor gave us a tour of the base and took us out to lunch and the commissary. My first impression of the base- it’s beautiful! There are copses of varied trees everywhere. Pines growing next to birch, next to maples and I don’t even know what else. It definitely looks like an authentic forest everywhere you go! Also, the playgrounds are amazing! They look “German” in nature, the building materials and architecture of the elements fits in well with their surroundings, Aurora cannot wait to go play on them tomorrow.

At the grocery store, it was fun to see how the local culture has impacted the usually consistent commissary. I suppose there is usually an ethnic food aisle, in Hawaii there was a row devoted to Asian/Hawaiian specialty products. Here they have a bakery filled with pastries, croisants, and pretzels! I have been in carb heaven all day! There are also some common European brands here, Leibniz cookies for example, I can’t wait to have those with some tea tomorrow!

Anyways there’s a lot to look forward to, hopefully I’ll get a chance to explore with my camera and I can share some of our adventure with you! For now, it’s time to get my sleep deprived 17 month old back to bed… he and I are having a midnight snack as I type. Love everyone back home, I’ll call/Skype as soon as we get a chance. 🙂


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