So Long ‘Merica

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in DeutschlandIt’s hard to believe these are our last few hours in America. Land of the free, home of the brave, and let’s not forget those hot dogs and apple pie. I keep daydreaming about what our new life is going to look like, will we live next to a German bakery that fills our street with a sweet yeasty smell? Will our house be nestled in a hilly forest, alive with the sound of music? And most importantly, will our children allow me to dress them in lederhosen?

I’ve daydreamed my way through many hours of airtime thus far, and right now we’re enjoying the last comforts of home at the BWI USO. For those that don’t know, the USO is an organization of volunteers that provide services to the Armed Forces. Most of the larger airports have a USO station built in that provides military members with free food, a place to sleep/rest/watch tv/let the kids run around. Needless to say, they are a huge blessing to us and we have definitely taken up residency here for the next few hours.

Eventually, we’ll mosey on down to our terminal and check in to our military flight. I’ve never flown on a military plane before so it should be interesting to see the differences. Already I know check in will be a little different than usual, so we’ll just have to see what else is new. Thankfully we’re not pressed for time, we have seven hours to while away so I’ll keep updating as we progress. Happy May Day everyone!


2 thoughts on “So Long ‘Merica

  1. Don’t worry about the military flight. Sounds like you are taking a rotator. Those are the same as commercial flights – movies, meals, ect.

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