Life Lately

Babes in DeutschlandRiding the rails

Babes in DeutschlandLittle zoo keeper

Babes in DeutschlandSwan lake

Babes in DeutschlandStale bread

Babes in DeutschlandTire swing

Babes in Deutschland12 bags+3 people

Babes in Deutschland       Babes in Deutschland

 Babes in Deutschland      Babes in Deutschland

Update: We made it to Denver alive, small victory considering we still have about 24 hours left to spend in an airport/the air tomorrow. We’ve been enjoying our two day layover here visiting with my bestie and my second cousins as well. The kids are quite confused though as to who everyone is considering that they just met most of their extended family for the first time, including three sets of great grandparents, two sets of grandparents, four aunts and uncles, and one set of great aunt/uncle. And then of course, I keep introducing my friends to them as Aunt Lindsey for example. Anyways, she is now calling her third cousins Grandma and Grandpa because she has no frame of reference for complicated genealogies.

Tomorrow morning we will finally be reunited with Jon, man do we ever miss him. Two months is far to long to be apart from your spouse/dad, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Our reunion will be a bit hurried as Jon will just have a short layover between his flight from Hawaii, so we’ll reconnect on the terminal as we get set to leave for Baltimore. Six hours in flight to BWI, a seven hour layover there, and then a nine hour flight in to Ramstein and we will officially have arrived at our next duty station. Pray for smooth traveling for us and understanding passengers on our flights if you can, we’re going to need it!


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