Babes in Deutschland

My Lindsey, from three years ago when she lived in Hawaii. This was our first day on the island with our beautiful three week old!

Life has been crazy, crazy, crazy lately. Hence the lack of spiffy updates around here… We leave tomorrow morning for Denver to spend two days with Lindsey, my best friend from high school, and my second cousins Dave & Sue who live in Greeley. Should be a fun time, but right now I’m bogged down in packing and travel details while simultaneously trying to spend every moment of free time with family before I leave for the next year. I’m exhausted!

As of now I can say that my bags are all 48-49.99999 pounds and I have maxed out my carry-on and personal item allowance. It should be hilarious watching me trying to wade through airport security with it all tomorrow (oh, and don’t forget the double stroller, two carseats, and two children)! Pictures of that adventure to come, don’t worry. 😉

Even though all of this traveling has been wild, I definitely feel blessed to have been able to stop home for these two months and see family. A lot of times in the military it doesn’t work out so fortuitously and people go years and years without visiting loved ones. It’s been fun for the kids as well, for the first time Aurora will actually be able to have some memories of our time in Nebraska. Prior to this we would have to quiz her with photo “flash cards” of family members!

This military life is a crazy one, but it’s one that we’ve chosen for better or worse. Jon believes in the mission and I love supporting him in it (especially when they send us to places like Hawaii and Germany ;)) What’s been your experience with the military life? Do you enjoy moving every few years?


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