DMV Debacle

One of the great things about being a military spouse, is that it forces you to be on top of things like keeping track of and renewing important documents. Because we are headed overseas, I need to have a drivers license that will be valid for as long as possible. For military members in Germany, you are required to have a current US license in order to even procure a German one. So, I decided to be proactive and go in and renew mine while I was home visiting…

I seriously prepared for this “event.” I found the address verification documents I needed, in my case, I needed mail and the only thing I had handy were two large Amazon boxes, so in to the DMV they went with me. I breezed in with my bulky boxes, my hair styled just so, cute bangs and red lipstick tied together with geek chic glasses. I was feeling good about my chances of finally getting a decent picture on my license. Let me just tell you now, no such luck occurred.

After waiting in the ever present line, I made my way back to the counter, answered some questions, took an eye exam and sat down for my photo. Here it goes! Oh no, just wait a moment “We use facial recognition, I need to be able to see your forehead and eyes” droned the government employee. “You’ll need to sweep your bangs to the side and take off your glasses.” Dun Dun Dun. Three seconds later the flash is going off as I am still hurriedly trying to smooth my hair in place. As if.

And here it is, the pocket sized catastrophe I get to carry around with me for the next five years. Blinky, unkept, unaccessorized. So sad. The morning that had started out with so much potential was now over. Dejected, I left the courthouse with my temporary license, hopefully the real one gets mailed to me before I leave in 2 weeks. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try to get the perfect license picture in 2018, wish me luck! 😉

Do you have any horror stories from the DMV? I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one. 😉


3 thoughts on “DMV Debacle

  1. It isn’t a horrible picture! (It doesn’t exactly look like the Brigette I know though!) My driver’s license honestly makes me look like a terrorist or something. I would post a picture but it is currently MIA. Just remember, you always have your Military ID to use! I hardly ever use my driver’s license!

    • Haha, thanks for the encouragement, but there’s no saving that photo, my eyes are half closed! And let’s not get started on my military ID, I was pregnant when I got it and it even has my preggo weight on it… I may just “lose” it. 😉

      BTW, now you have to post a pic of your license when you find it, I want to see!

  2. Our MVD here is just ridiculous. It’s one room in a tiny building that looks like a jail cell. I had all my stuff together, was ready to sign the print and they tell me “Oh, you’re under 25. You have to pay for a DWI class. It takes two weeks to get the certificate. Oh, and don’t get pulled over. You’ll get a ticket with this current license.” BTW, your picture looks very pretty 🙂

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