Little Bits of Lovely

DSC_2143 copy_edited-1

An afternoon at the park with my mom and siblings. This shot had so much potential, but Mr. Grayson did not want to cooperate!

DSC_2188 copy_edited-1

Ballin’ at the Omaha Children’s Museum

DSC_2204 copy_edited-1

Learning about tornados… hopefully that’s not info we’ll need to know in Germany? Anyone know if they experience extreme weather?

DSC_2250 copy_edited-1

DSC_2302 copy_edited-1

DSC_2350 copy_edited-1

Aurora’s Nonna (my mom) took her to the Amazing Pizza Machine for her birthday (this Sunday! Where did the time go?)

DSC_2355 copy_edited-1

SAM_4037 copy_edited-1

Riding the train at the zoo with Jon’s parents and our friend Lanae, photo courtesy of her.

SAM_4060 copy_edited-1

Feeding fish at the zoo, photo courtesy of Lanae again.


3 thoughts on “Little Bits of Lovely

    • Nice, not a fan of inclement weather. In Hawaii we would have Tsunami warnings once a year or so and we’d stay up all night watching the weather channel to see if we needed to evacuate… Of course nothing serious ever came of them, thankfully. I think the weather people got bored of forecasting 80 degree and sunny weather for a year so they hyped it up a bit more than necessary. πŸ˜‰

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