Three words to describe me: creative, organized and stressed.

Three words to describe the person I want to be: creative, peaceful and holy.

As you can see, I’m on a bit of a journey, as are we all. The person I am is not completely the person I want to be. I’m a stay at home mom and I love my “job,” but some days the stress just gets to me! Our children are 20 months apart and they definitely keep me on my toes. Aside from that, we’re a military family living overseas, away from the comforts of home and family, can you say OVERWHELMED!

I am.

There is a solution though, one that I don’t often consider first, and that is relying on God’s strength and not my own understanding. So often I take on too much and try to do it all on my own strength and that’s what leads to the stressful weight I often feel. I’m a perfectionist, but perfection is not what God desires, it’s a heart that leans on Him, fully dependent on His power.

As Easter Sunday approaches, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the wonder of the cross. Sometimes it’s hard for me to deal with the fact that someone else has already paid my way. It doesn’t sit well with me. Self sufficiency is what I desire if I’m honest with myself, just like so many others I want to be my own master, and yet, I know that that path leads to destruction.

The thing that makes Christianity different from every other religion is that instead of doing something to earn your salvation, you must accept the fact that you can do nothing to save yourself and that amazing grace is freely offered to you. What I could never earn, Jesus has already given to me, a sinless life lived in my place and pardon for my sins with His sacrifice. It truly is a miracle, and one that my family and I will be dwelling on tomorrow as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

How does your family celebrate Easter, do you have any tips for keeping the holiday Christ centered and yet still enjoying the spring fun?


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