Adventure is out there!


And that’s the last we ever saw of our island home. We watched as it disappeared in to the distance, the city lights in Waikiki becoming nothing more than another shinning spec in the sea. That’s when it hit me, it’s over. It’s really over. How fast three years can go, you blink and they’re gone. Older people are especially fond of relaying advice such as this to me. Perhaps they see me struggling with the day to day reality of raising two kids who are 20 months apart in a military environment. “Days are long and years are short” they all echo, I ponder the truth of this sentiment as I recline my seat on the off chance that I’m actually able to get some shut eye.

Eight hours of flight time and a rushed connection later and we’re in Nebraska. This is no longer my homeland. I have adjusted to the tropics quite nicely and my little brood agree, we were not created for this breath-viewing cold. Breath in, breath out, rub hands, do a “chilly dance,” repeat. Time passes, more snow falls, repeat again even though it’s “spring” now.



Six weeks we’ll spend on the great white, frozen plains of Nebraska… at least the company is good. Currently homeless, my mother and father in law have taken us weary refugees in, and thank goodness, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to rest up for the journey ahead. My parents live in the same city as well, so there are lots of grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles for the kids and I to visit, though unfortunately, no Daddy. We miss him terribly. Thirty six days until we’re reunited in the Denver International Airport, and what a reunion that will be amidst trying to catch our flight with two kids, a stroller, a couple of carseats and about 46 odd checked bags and carry ons. Adventure is out there, I just wish I didn’t have to survive the plane ride to it. Perhaps that in itself is the adventure though… at least that’s how, I’m fairly sure, an older, wiser mother would advise me to look at it.


7 thoughts on “Adventure is out there!

    • Yes, I think you need to start one as well, when the kids are old enough to write, we can even have them be guest posters lol… I’m so glad we get to do this military thing in an age where there are so many ways to keep in contact.

  1. Ah, I’m so excited for you guys! And I am also really glad that you are moving to Germany at the beginning of summer (which is so gorgeous there) and not the beginning of one of their dreary winters. Hopefully will make the transition from tropical to moderate climate a little less awful. 🙂

    • Bethany, did you find their winters comparable to Nebraksa’s? I was hoping there would be a little less biting-cold in my future and they would just be “slightly” cooler… am I dreaming with that one?

      • No, the winters are much milder than Nebraska’s, at least in the Rhine Valley area where you’ll be. (Obviously if you go up in the mountains, it gets colder and snowier.) The winter we were there, we only got snow maybe twice, and it didn’t stick on the ground much at all (I think our friends in the next town over, at a slightly higher elevation, got a bit more snow but not much). I’d say the temps in the winter were mostly in the low 40s and high 30s. It is, however, very grey and overcast and dreary all winter, which can start to feel a bit oppressive, even if it isn’t actually that frigid outside.

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