Babes in DeutschlandGone are the squabbling saffron birds that would wake me at first light, the golden rays that would pour in between the drapes and render my bedroom an orange-y hued sanctuary. Gone are the days of wearing so little, either while waking or sleeping, cropped shorts, tank top, bare feet, all gone. Goodbye to the mornings that lingered as we arose in our rental home, iced tea and malasadsas for breakfast in bed, my favorite way to dine.

Gone are the people who made our island a home…  Now we have no play dates to rush off to, no friends to greet with our weekend escapades, that part of our life is over. We’ll never again meet Jelsea to play in the surf and picnic in the sand. And I will regret every evening spent without enjoying coffee and crafting at Amanda’s. Goodbye to the many others who were family to us as well; Moana ‘Ohana you truly, truly were.

Goodbye to the cone-fuls of shave ice we would spend our afternoons eating. Goodbye to the solemn waves crashing, always calling their melodious greeting. Gone are the darting blue fish, forever caught in the rocky tide pools, sea cucumbers, star fish and crabs too, no longer will we search for you. No longer will we hunt for shells or try to spot whales from our hikes, no longer will we search the skies for double rainbows that would blaze after every single drizzle.

The island was our resting place, safe haven from our pre-military woes, we grew up there along with our children and carved out a life for ourselves… I became a mother in a quiet house on base. I learned the importance of faith and friends when family was too far away. Thank you to all those who invited us in to your lives. Thank you for the meals shared, the stories exchanged and the memories made. I love you all and will carry my memories of Hawaii with me wherever I go.

Babes in Deutschland

Babes in Deutschland


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